Hotel and hospitality firms use Tripadvisor, Google Review and other online review tools to build reputation and drive business, and potential customers scour these platforms before they make spending decisions. But what happens when reviewers post information that is unfair or inaccurate? And what happens when one isolated example of unsatisfactory customer experience is blown out of all proportion online?

The Freedom Hotspot Review Capture solution manages the customer journey so you can turn unhappy customers into brand ambassadors before they post reviews online, by resolving issues in a timely and considerate way.

Our Review Capture tool lets you find out what your guests think before it becomes an issue. This fully integrated solution captures positive and negative sentiments while visitors are still on site.

Understanding how a customer feels about your service while they are still experiencing it – and acting appropriately – can make the difference between a one-off visit and a loyal repeat customer who returns again and again. As venue owner or general manager, you remain at the forefront of quality assurance. And with live alerting, management can be made aware of an issue before it escalates into a poor online review. With highly customisable questions on key themes – for example, cleanliness, the friendliness of your welcome and convenience – you can address issues quickly, ensure a positive customer journey and reward staff who go the extra mile to delight guests.

In addition, the ability to quantify and measure key customer satisfaction metrics creates actionable insights. These features are integrated into the Freedom Hotspot cloud Guest WiFi platform, offering a seamless, automated and potentially multi-channel guest satisfaction hub.

Keeping customers happy and continually looking to improve the experience you offer results in loyalty, word of mouth recommendation and increased profitability. Freedom Hotspot’s Review Capture also helps to minimise negative online reviews, by giving you the information you need to resolve issues before they turn into complaints.

Keep ahead of how your customers feel and manage the customer experience journey with Review Capture from Freedom Hotspot.

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