Care Home WiFi can have a positive impact for patients, residents, and visitors. It’s commonly known that when people are engaged with the world, be it friends and family or simply world events, they feel happier and this leads to a feeling of better wellbeing.

Implementing a Patient WiFi service over existing or new WiFi network infrastructure can contribute positively for both patients as well as their visitors in better quality visits.

Online tools and apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook on touch screen devices allow patients to communicate with family and friends in a way that is convenient that simple. Empowering both short and long terms patients and residents to be as independent and self sufficient will contribute to a positive health outcome at both a mental and physical level.

Care Home WiFi

Cloud WiFi Management

Key strategic advantages of cloud WiFi managed networks are perfectly aligned for Care Homes of every sort. With ongoing 24/7 management of every component of the WiFi network, it is possible to keep every connected device operating efficiently and securely without the need for any visiting engineers or interaction.WiFi networks with their cloud management ensure your backbone for connectivity and functionality of systems such as Care Management Systems (CMS), Patient & Resident WiFi, CCTV and other critical parts of your operational environment remain functionality when it matters.

Multi Tier WiFi

Multi Tier WiFi is all about efficiencies, both from tech investment as well as operational.Utilising one deployed WiFi infrastructure that covers every cover of your care home (including remote buildings, outdoor spaces), multiple virtual WiFi networks can be configured for their individual purposes aligned to different system integrations such as Care Management System, Office Network, Mobile (non cellular) Work Flow systems, CCTV and Alarm Systems.

If you’re looking to looking to close digital information gaps within the organisation, a great WiFi network is the a key component that should be considered.

Patient & Resident WiFi

Care Home WiFi is delivered with patient and residents in mind. Whether the home is for elderly residents, dementia residents, day respite relating to disabled people or indeed a rehabiliation centre, WiFi access that simple and secure to use is essential.

WiFi can be seen as a way of enabling engagement and empowering well being indirectly for both patients and residents but also for their visitors (including those with children) who look to spend quality time with their loved ones.

Freedom Hotspot recognises a force in how WiFi tech can be used to empower and therefore is committed to delivering it to environments where people matter most.

Care Home WiFi can be delivered on existing as well as new WiFi networks.

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