Amazing WiFi starts with a reliable and high performing network

A robust and reliable WiFi network is the key productivity driver for all types of business. Freedom Hotspot’s primary focus as a trusted WiFi technology partner is to deliver high performance networks and infrastructure that enable other technologies to perform. This essential underlying technology is the foundation for a wide range of business applications. We take the time to fully understand your requirements before designing and implementing bespoke WiFi infrastructure that translates technology into business benefits, whatever the size of your business or the sector you operate in.

A single Freedom Hotspot WiFi network can be configured for different technologies in a cost effective and technically streamlined way, including:

  • Office WiFi network
  • Guest & visitor WiFi
  • CCTV backhaul
  • Telephony
  • Credit card terminals
  • EPOS
  • IoT sensors
  • Thermal cameras for visitor or staff assurance (COVID19)
Freedom Hotspot’s trusted relationships with world class WiFi vendors such as Cambium, Ruckus, Cisco Meraki and Ubiquiti means you can rely on the highest standards of ongoing maintenance and support. This level of integration and collaboration delivers total technology solutions that offer real value and highly competitive TCO.

Every component of your network is managed through our cloud technology platform, which delivers effective 24/7 coverage helping to ensure that your business can perform efficiently at all times. Many of our high performance components exploit SDN (Software Defined Networking) and remote configuration features, which means that support and maintenance can be delivered in a time- and resource-efficient manner, avoiding the need for most onsite engineer visits. And our dependable solutions are delivered in collaboration with the very best enterprise grade technology grade vendors.

Here’s what you can expect from Freedom Hotspot:

  • Full technology approach – translate technology into business benefits
  • Cloud management for all technical components
  • Support and maintenance included
  • Site survey included
  • Scalable technology – a high performance network that grows with you
  • Content filtering
  • Cabling infrastructure
  • Internal and external WiFi – key productivity drivers for your business
  • Point to multi-point wireless links

Once deployed, our cloud-centric support and maintenance model is included as part of our technology offering. This gives us a real time view of all your network components, including WiFi access points, network switches, firewalls and routers.

Our focused and specialised approach means you have a single relationship to manage and a single point of contact, speeding response times and delivering real cost economies.

Every deployment of networks starts with a conversation. Why not get in touch today?

WiFi Network Design

WiFi Networks that perform well are designed with the client in mind taking into consideration people, devices, and usage.

Utilising the latest WiFi6 technology, we design WiFi networks for that allow great signal coverage as well as high density environments where there many devices in small spaces. Overcoming signal interference and ensuring robust and reliable performance is possible for any business in any location.

Our experience with different buildings ranging from new builds to established grade listed sites including multi-site, ensures longevity and performance throughout its life.

Freedom Hotspot ensures WiFi technology is a ‘solution’ that resolves interference and delivers cost and productivity benefits.

A well designed network, which is implemented and monitored post installation is key to our portfolio on WiFi and other wireless links as well as open spaces, retail areas in sectors including hospitality, retail, serviced apartments, offices, tourism and leisure the need to ensure WiFi network are designed for to residential, factors like signal propagation, density and Heatmap Signals taking into account their current and future technology plans. This considers how people and devices will interact with the network and what type content is being used, which allows us to provide a solution that has the capacity and density for efficient flow of data. Utilising the latest WiFi6 technology cost advantages are also possible reducing the cost of deployments.

This starts with secure onboarding of devices and people via a login or authentication process.

The use case scenario for WiFi technology is specific for every client and for every sector and therefore our client centric approach is based on current and future needs ensuring solutions utilize leading edge enterprise WiFi infrastructure. Our objective is to deliver WiFi infrastructure end to end solutions that are an end to s seamlessly into With experience with a variety of different buildings and external spaces which can be for Internet access, IoT, corporate devices etc means that a robust and scalable solution is required.

Similarly, with a choice of WiFi vendor partners we are in a position to recommend a best of breed solution that may consist of one or more.

A key part of the initial step is perform a site survey using world standard software that is used to determine both invisible wireless factors as well as more physical attributes such as cabling routes. For sites which are under construction and those that are established buildings, this would be different but the focus the same to ensure we introduce savings and avoid obstacles later on.

This invaluable insight ensures a successful deployment

Site Survey

Identifying both visible and invisible factors that impact great WiFi performance is vital to WiFi network design. Heat mapping is carried out both before an implementation and also post to ensure that WiFi access points are placed in locations for optimised signals propagation as well as density and coverage in the required areas.

Predictive surveys are a great way to understand WiFi access points should perform in buildings and premises. When combined with a pre and post on site survey, this ensures we have a 360 view of all wireless factors at play in any given space.

Freedom Hotspot engineers use world class tools such as Ekahau and others for this key step of the implementation process.

Installation & Cabling Infrastructure

Cabling infrastructure is a key element of every successful WiFi project. Using latest cabling products and supplies we ensure that the underling physical foundation to connectivity is rock solid! This pays dividends when expanding the network or indeed updating technology that relies upon it in the future.

Our expert installation team ensures all components of a cabling infrastructure including cabinets, patch panels, trays and containment are specific to the client requirements and the environment they are working in both internal and external.

Whether wireless connectivity is required internal or externally (including building to other location), Freedom Hotspot is equipment with the tools and experience any project.

Freedom Hotspot only utilise branded components of CAT6, CAT6a, CAT7, Fibre and all associated components to provide full assurance. Similarly, utilising testing equipment every connection is tested thoroughly.

Subject to type of equipment, we can monitor and troubleshoot cabled connected via our network switches.

Cloud Management

WiFi network management and maintenance are essential parts of every installation to ensure your technology investment is delivering value. Freedom Hotspot’s cloud management for all WiFi infrastructure as well as Point to Point wireless links provide monitoring and alerting on a 24/7 basis.

This ensure networks are performing well and any issues that occur can be fixed in a timely manner without the need for costly engineer visits.

This advanced service model is part of our ongoing monitoring and included as part of our support.

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