Creating Marketing Channels for Customer Engagement

Freedom Hotspot’s Guest WiFi solution lets you interact with customers in a far more personalised and effective way. It lets you group customers based on certain criteria, and market to them in a way that appeals to their preferences and priorities. New multi-channel marketing initiatives can be automated, saving your business time and money.

With Freedom Hotspot Guest WiFi key data is captured (email and identify information), detected (language, device information) and discovered (visit information). Insights from this data let you individualise communications to customers in a way that is proven to be more effective. For example, emails that include the name of the recipient are much more likely to be opened, read and acted upon than generic messages. Personalised engagement, whether during a stay or after a visit has ended, can lead to increased loyalty for your brand or location. You continue to manage the end-to-end multi-channel communication flow, but Freedom Hotspot provides you with the business intelligence to do so in a more seamless, efficient and effective way.

Engagement Marketing
Multi Channel Engagement helps your business to engagement based on the message you want to provide and what’s right your customer. Find out more about how we can make this a feature that integrates with your existing marketing processes.

Freedom Hotspot Guest WiFi solution metrics can also be used to measure the effectiveness of marketing initiatives in and around your premises. A marketing focus based on establishing and nurturing ongoing customer relationships means more repeat custom, a lower cost of acquisition and ultimately higher profitability.

Freedom Hotspot WiFi can help quantify engagement and loyalty in many ways. Monetising WiFi is about leveraging captured to reveal new opportunities for enhancing revenue and lowering costs.

  • Seamless – a key benefit of cloud based Guest WiFi is that everything is joined up without the need to use different external systems for different purposes e.g. messaging customers to advise of room ready status. No exporting or importing of data is required.
  • Automation – configured once, everything just works!
  • Full Visibility – Client Dashboard provides a full view of all insight, data and the outcome of pre-configured engagement processes.

Give your WiFi purpose and transform with integrated Engagement Marketing.

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