mWaitron is a new multi-functional solution – delivered as a service – that helps restaurants, bars and hospitality businesses manage their customers efficiently while providing assurance in the post-pandemic world. By empowering customers through their own phones mWaitron will help to accelerate turnaround times, optimise dwell time and maximise revenue without requiring epos system changes or the need upskill staff. Nor does mWaitron require customers to download apps.

Wary customers and reduced capacity is the ‘new normal’ for the hospitality sector. Businesses that survive and thrive will be those that make the most of every opportunity, while making customers feel safe and cared for. Responding to the government’s call for extending Track and Trace within venues, our mWaitron solution goes much further – adding class-leading customer management features on top.

Built with the client venue in mind and in response to the easing of lockdown, this seamless technology solution addresses key challenges and will help maintain efficient customer flow today andin the future. mWaitron is suitable for any venue of any size at all types of location.

Digital Diary

Digital Diary allows you to collect customer data in a GDPR friendly way and avoids keeping messy written records. This time stamped data, which is measured, can be captured as part of a Guest WiFi process or dedicated COVID Visitor Register with built-in time limits being set. This simple yet effective approach lets your customers know that you take their well being seriously.

Contactless Menu

With mWaitron, touch points are reduced with the ability to broadcast menu and promotional offers to customer devices without the need to download an app. With mWaitron, customers make choices using their own phones, inside or outside your premises without QR codes. Reduced printing costs means you save money at the same time and help your business to become more sustainable.

Powerful Queue Buster

mWaitron is also a virtual queue manager,letting new and waiting customers know when their table is ready. As this is only active when customers are onsite, it reduces no shows from advanced bookings made elsewhere. Similarly, speedier table turnaround can be achieved.

Once in the queue, customers are free to dwell in your waiting area, outside or anywhere within walking distance knowing they will be notified when their table is free.

Post Visit Engagement

Know your customer better by enhancing engagement and nurturing loyalty. Capturing customer contact details is seamless and easy. Taking payment does not have to be the end of the customer journey. By utilising captured customer data, mWaitron lets you engage with customers in automated way, tempting them back with personalised offers, new menu items or upcoming events. This multi channel driven marketing automation enhances future sales without the need for costly marketing apps or disconnected services.

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