Freedom Hotspot’s WiFi Analytics programme reveals rich and valuable data about your customers and footfall. This data helps you understand your customers better, creating insight that lets you enhance your services, optimise your space and allocate resources more efficiently.

Key metrics identified in the WiFi Analytics Dashboard give you a deeper understanding of who your customers are and what they want. When cross referenced with other data, a detailed picture emerges about how your premises are being used. For example, the number of visitors reveals not only how busy your business is at any given time, but also how many of your visitors are returning clients and how many are with you for the first time. This information can be used to measure the effectiveness of your marketing programmes as well as providing a way to track footfall from one period to another.

Other insights include:

  • Number of logins – New vs Repeat customers
  • Number of emails captured – especially useful in cases where the initial booking is made by an OTA and email addresses are not provided
  • Languages spoken by your customers
  • Data used with a breakdown for download or upload
  • Numbers of FB metrics including Follows, Likes and Check-ins
  • Customers Reviews including metrics to gauge their ‘happiness’ or satisfaction about their visit to your business

To take WiFi Analytics to a whole new level of insight, Location Analytics can also reveal how your business square footage is being used, including measuring the effectiveness of your store front and perimeter.

Find out more about your business can benefit from integrated WiFi Analytics from Freedom Hotspot.

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