Internet connectivity is the foundation of a great WiFi experience.

As a specialist provider of WiFi network solutions, Freedom Hotspot provisions and manages superfast and ultrafast internet circuits, anywhere in the UK. This usually means connecting your business directly to the internet but can also mean connecting two or more remote locations to each other.

In most UK towns and cities this connectivity is available in a variety of bandwidths, ranging from 50mbps to 10gbps. Freedom Hotspot can provision:

  • Ethernet over FTTP – a fast and dedicated circuit often referred to as a leased line
  • Ethernet over the First Mile (EFM) – a slower but still dedicated service
  • Full Fibre – often known as fibre to the premises (FTTP), full fibre is fast but not dedicated
  • FTTC – a part fibre, part legacy copper circuit that is slower than FTTP but still suitable for many small businesses

Freedom Hotspot will work with you to decide which internet connectivity is right for your business, based on factors like bandwidth requirement, the sensitivity of your internet traffic and budget. We provision a range of fibre and leased line circuits from a number of partner ISPs, including Alt Nets (including but going beyond BT Openreach), to ensure you get exactly the right connectivity for your business or venue.

Get in touch to find out if your Connectivity can be upgraded for your existing monthly cost.


Point to Point

Point to Point (PtP) or Multi Point (PtMP) links are a perfect solution to connect one or more premises together where cabling (CAT6 or Fibre) would be cost prohibitive or simply not practical. These Fixed Wireless Access solutions are non WiFi wireless technology and can be used for a number of applications including backhaul and CCTV, as well as Smart City projects.

We can connect locations within towns, cities or rural areas. Similarly, we can create a virtual PoP (Point of Presence) to allow a WiFi internet service to be shared by a community. With no cabling to lay, this solution can be up and running in a much shorter space of time. It’s ideal for residential areas that are not serviced by the main ISPs due to size, remoteness or location.

Utilising a range of different enterprise grade products, we can design, deploy and manage a link ranging from 100m to 2km and connecting one to 100 buildings. Our solution operates in multiple frequencies and bands ranging from 5Ghz to 60Ghz and leverages industry leading Wireless Vendor equipment to create class leading FWA solutions.

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