Using Fixed Wireless Access to connect multiple dwellings, a cost affect approach is possible for many businesses and locations where fibre was the only option previously.

Ensuring great WiFi connectivity around a site where buildings such as lodges, cottages or even other buildings are separate can be a challenge. Whilst WiFi service delivery is the key objective, the technology behind is comprehensive. Backhaul connectivity between each location is essential to ensure that whatever needs to consume the ‘web’ can do so in a seamless and buffer free environment.

Enter 60Ghz and mmWave wireless. This cutting edge approach to getting ‘People Places and Devices’ connected is an evolution that ensures that no matter needs to be connected, can be connected in a transparent way. Unlike WiFi, which utilises 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz, mmWave technology frequency band is virtually interference free due to its signal

broadcasting method as suggested by it’s name! Amongst its many attributes is the ability to achieve a multi gigabit throughput, which when connecting other WiFi hubs means that performance is guaranteed.

Due to its very focused nature, distances of up to 1km can be connected between two or more points. A backhaul wireless network based on 60Ghz is akin to have invisible fibre through the air.


Key features include:
  • Connect multiple dwellings (2-300) without groundworks
  • Multi Gigabit connectivity (Terragraph approved)
  • Interference free (60Ghz)
  • Cost & Time Effective
  • Scalable

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