Hotels are unique. Your Guest WiFi experience should reflect your building, rooms and the reputation you wish to build.

The challenge of maintaining a positive WiFi experience, whatever your occupancy level, is a common issue for networks that are not specially designed for hotels. Freedom Hotspot has long experience of building hotel WiFi networks and delivering a seamless WiFi experience that will keep your customers connected. The Freedom Hotspot cloud platform is the intelligence behind your onsite WiFi network, allowing you to create a Guest WiFi journey that delivers rich customer data and actionable insight.

Freedom Hotspot gives your guests easy and secure access to WiFi, while putting you in full control of a WiFi journey that is focused on:

  • Simple login using our OneWiFiLogin strategy
  • Data capture and detection
  • Automated marketing tools to enhance engagement
  • Review Capture for reputation management
All of these powerful features are integrated into one platform delivering effective ROI for every hotelier.

As a total solutions provider, every component of the WiFi network (the foundation of a great Guest WiFi experience) can be delivered in a time- and resource-efficient manner. We can also integrate our Guest WiFi solution with existing WiFi networks.

Speak to Freedom Hotspot today about how to make your Guest WiFi better.

Smart WiFi Management

Guest WiFi powered by Freedom Hotspot provides for smart management of your WiFi network and your Guest WiFi service.  Our cloud platform allows for every component to be monitored, managed and updated 24/7 without the need for engineer visits or interruption to your business.  Regardless of network size, complexity, location and configuration of Guest & Visitor WiFi services, the Freedom cloud platform can be deliver benefits to all clients.

This ensures faster response times, reliable connections and remote visibility to the network and performance; all from a single point of contact.

Freedom Hotspot adapts to your key investment choices infrastructure. With our WiFi vendor integrations and on-boarding gateway, Guest WiFi services can be delivered on almost any commercial or enterprise grade WLAN infrastructure including Ruckus, Meraki, Aruba and non-branded WiFi equipment.

We take care of all aspects of your solution, working with your partners to ensure your guests have a positive experience during their stay.

Seamless Login

OneWiFiLogin – Freedom Hotspot’s strategy to make Guest WiFi login easy the first time and seamless every subsequent time. Our choice of login methods that are specific to your scenario all adopt this strategy resulting in a positive Guest WiFi experience.

Freedom Hotspot’s Guest WiFi can be customised to your business requirements, ranging from optimising dwell time, managing device count or ensuring there is enough bandwidth to deliver a consistent and robust service for all guests on your network in the following ways:

PINcode (unique)

Social Media (e.g. Facebook)


API to 3rd party dbase integration e.g. loyalty card

The Freedom Captive Portal adapts to the ever growing range of guest devices and can be configured to be a secure way of obtaining insight into who your customers are and how they use the Guest WiFi service at your hotel.

Client Dashboard

Visibility of how your Guest WiFi service is being used today, yesterday and every day. Our key data indicators show how your customers are utilising their WiFi sessions on their devices at your hotel and how it’s adding value to their stay. This implicit valuable captured and detected data provides a new approach for marketing channels that can lead to a more targeted and focused campaign approach.

The Client Dashboard is your window into your data that is being collected, how your network is performing and access to engagement and loyalty data useful for marketing purposes.

Whether your business has one location or site or more, the Client Dashboard window is all that is required with zero technical skills requirement from the client.

Multi-Tier WiFi

To truly leverage your WiFi investment, Freedom Hotspot provides strategies that will allow your business to get more from providing a Guest WiFi service at your hotel.

By differentiating the Guest WiFi service ‘subject to status’ e.g. room paying Guests or visitors to public areas, many advantages can be gained from both an operational perspective as well as marketing outlook.

For hotels with external areas or indeed those that require a differentiated Two Tier WiFi service, we can wirelessly broadcast promotions and offers to convert passers by into paying customers.

Marketing Tools

Guest WiFi with built in marketing! Our WiFi Analytics reveal actionable insights that can be leveraged to engage with guests, both during and after their visit.Emailing marketing as an engagement tool can be combined with other marketing initiatives resulting in more effective campaigns using data identifying demographics and visit info as well as contact details behind the technical data.

Valuable data captured and detected from the Captive Portal as part of the initial login process as well as data detected automatically can help to identify categories of guests and visitors and allow for focus and targeted marketing campaigns.

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