Our Mission and Values

Intelligent and friendly approach to understanding your business with a passion to ensure a Free WiFi service can deliver benefits to both your customers and to your organisation. This ensures features can be mapped to client specific requirements resulting in deployment of a WiFi service that is sophisticated yet very easy to use that allows your business to focus on important day to day aspects like generating revenue!

We look to work in a harmonious way to understand specific requirements, both technical and business. This allows us to deliver a solution that adds value to the clients’ daily operations as well as at a strategic level.


Who We Work With

Commercial and Not for Profit organisations who are looking to utilise WiFi to generate value, have better control of their customers/end users or to simple reduce cost. We are committed to assisting and evolving both the use of technology as well as maximising ROI for clients. If your organisation is refreshing WiFi infrastructure or indeed how it’s managed, a free no obligation consultation is available to see how it be leveraged to benefit your customers and your business.

Our WiFi Hotspot platform can deliver unique and relevant Guest and/or Visitor WiFi services that are specific to your environment, including hospitality, retail, public sector, charities, restaurants and leisure.


Client Care

The Freedom Hotspot Client Care Pledge is to look manage the client’s WiFi infrastructure, data and other relevant services in a secure, GDPR (& other legislation) compliant manner that is in line and beyond the expectations of the client.


Support and Account Management

All clients will be allocated a dedicated account manager whose task is to understand your business/organisation and to ensure you have a single point of contact for any questions, technical, business or strategic related.

All Freedom Hotspot services and solutions include support. Subject to the terms agreed, we work to exceed the SLA set out with a positive outcome in all scenarios.



Freedom Hotspot is all about the love of WiFi and all it can do and beyond. We are determined and committed to ensure that our relationship is client centric and transparent.


Technical Support

Freedom Hotspot’s cloud-based platform delivers innovation and evolving Guest & Visitor WiFi services along with cloud-based management of WiFi infrastructure. Clearly there are many components of this sophisticated equation of technologies to facilitate services to clients. Our ongoing evolution and development of our platform ensures we future proof the WiFi service we deliver to clients.



For branded hardware, we manage full warranties with the vendor for our clients. For bespoke or OEM branded devices such as our Location Analytics WiFi & Bluetooth sensors, we provided extended warranties. To pre-empt some infrastructure related support issues, we proactively update software on hardware remotely to ensure great performance and secure processing of data.

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