Sustainability Policy

Freedom Hotspot is technology provider that delivers network solutions, cloud-based services and fibre connectivity to clients for businesses, charities and other organisations to hotels, leisure and tourism sectors.

We recognise that our activities have an impact on the environment, most significantly travel, implementations and ongoing service deliver. We operate internal processes and policies to manage and minimise these impacts and ensure prevention of pollution and legislative compliance. This policy provides the guiding framework for that system and details actions we are taking and our targets for improvement. Where requested we advise partners our responsibility to demonstrate best practice to our customers, suppliers and the wider business community.


  • Lights and equipment are switched off when not required and heating controls accurately set.
  • Equipment selected for client solutions meets a minimum power saver requirement
  • We work with established hosting providers who have power management policies in place e.g. AWS/
  • For software development, our partners implement best practices to minimise their energy usage.
  • We promote energy efficiency as part of our solution and service offerings as standard.


  • We communicate, invoice, do our banking and store documents electronically.
  • We print only where 100% necessary.
  • Stationary and scrap paper is re-used.
  • Wastepaper, card, plastics, metals, glass, batteries and ink cartridges are recycled using the appropriate local providers including local authorities.
  • Waste materials such as network cabling are recycled as efficiently at a local level (where possible) to their usage by a licensed waste processor.
  • We re-use marketing materials for trade shows where possible.
  • Decommissioned equipment is disposed off in partnership with clients or recycled/reused at a charitable level


  • We travel to meetings, carry out site visits and installations in the most efficient manner and effective manner
  • Employees and subcontractors have the option and are provided the equipment to work from home


  • We select technology solutions that meet minimum requirements for energy efficiency or better
  • Hosting is only with providers that implement efficient co-location, virtual and power efficient methods to deliver services and avoid dedicated server solutions.

If you have any enquiries regarding this policy or performance please contact us on or 0800 311 2190.

[Policy Updated 1st December 2023]

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