Freedom Hotspot provides innovative WiFi Hotspot solutions that deliver Free WiFi whilst generating value for businesses. Our adaptable platform allows businesses an operational advantage and advanced way of providing WiFi in a seamless and secure way.

Our Visitor WiFi solutions provides intellgence to new and existing WiFi infrastructure allowing the business to get an insight into how the WiFi is being used and by whom.

Data gathered as part of the Visitor WiFi journey can be used as part of marketing initatives to enhance visitor engagement with your customers during and after their visit.

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Waiting Area WiFi

Cloud WiFi Management

Visitor WiFi powered by Freedom Hotspot can help waiting time to feel shorter and more productive. Empowering your visitors, be they customers waiting for the car to be serviced, patients in a dentist surgery, or simply anywhere waiting to be seen.The Freedom Hotspot cloud WiFi platform ensures an easy to use and secure Visitor WiFi service is provided to your visitors and customers. Every component is monitored, managed and updated 24/7 without the need for engineer visits or interruption to your business. Regardless of your location, size, desire to capture data, Visitor WiFi is a great way to ensure your customers are provided with a network in a secure way that is separate from your businesses systems.

We take care of all aspects of your solution, working with your partners to ensure your customers have a positive WiFi experience during their visit.

Seamless Login

Visitor WiFi for Waiting Areas and Lounges are delivered as a service that is specific to your individual business needs. Your customers can login via various easy to use login methods including Facebook and PINcode whilst ensuring you remain in control at the same time. Freedom Hotspot’s OneWiFiLogin strategy ensures an evolved and seamless experience.

Simple login first time and everytime for your visitors and and customers in a secure and accountable manner.

Client Dashboard

Visibility of how your visitors and customer are using your WiFi service is being used today, yesterday and every day. Our key performance indicators show how your customers are utilising your WiFi and how it’s adding value to their visit at your business.

This valuable captured and detected data provides a new approach for marketing channels that can lead to a more targeted and focused campaign approach. This data belongs to your business and can be exported (at no extra cost) or used within the Client WiFi Dashboard at any time.

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